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To Would-Be Writers: My Advice on Writing and Getting Published

By Angela Hunt | February 11, 2010
If you are trying to become published, stop looking for short cuts. Do not ask a published friend to introduce you to an editor, do not print your manuscript on pink paper, and do not send it to your favorite author in an e-mail. Simply write an irresistible story. Keep working at it until you find an editor who agrees.

Writing Safely Home

By Randy Alcorn | February 7, 2010
Without a doubt, in terms of their global impact the two most significant countries on the planet are China and the United States. As recent events have shown, the countries have a profoundly uneasy relationship. Safely Home is a tale of two countries, embodied in two men, Ben Fielding and Li Quan. These characters and their families came alive for me, and I pray they will for readers too.

Why did you start writing fiction?

By Randy Alcorn | February 1, 2010
Some Christians view fiction as the opposite of truth. But sometimes it opens eyes to the truth more effectively than nonfiction.