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Guarding the Environment of Your Home: Mom to Mom Q&A with Randy and Nanci

Randy and Nanci Alcorn's Q&A session at the January 12, 2012 Mom to Mom about "Guarding the Environment of Your Home." Includes related resources and links. 

Randy Alcorn on the Sanctity of Human Life 2012

Randy Alcorn presents a message from Scripture—and from the heart—about the value of human life and injustice of abortion. Filmed January 15, 2012 at Good Shepherd Community Church in Boring, Oregon.

Randy Alcorn Speaking at Bill Moon’s Memorial Service

Randy Alcorn Speaking at Bill Moon's Memorial Service

Randy Alcorn speaks at a memorial service for his  friend Bill Moon.

Is it easy to read the books you’ve written?

Question from a reader:

You mentioned that you had to re-read Safely Home before a book discussion. Is it easy to read a book you've written?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

No, it's not easy to read a book I've written, but listening to the audio really helped in this case because it's someone else's voice, not mine, and the reader, Steve Sever, did a great job.

Safely Home Q&A: Why are Christians in China persecuted?

During his visit to BIOLA University, Randy Alcorn answered this question posed by a Torrey Honors Institute student: "Are Christians in China persecuted because of resistance to the communist party, or because the government doesn't understand Christianity?"   

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