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What are some of the issues addressed in Courageous?

By Randy Alcorn | March 14, 2011
In this minute and a half clip, Randy talks about how our culture has so distorted the necessity of the role of men and the importance of making the most of the time God has given us in this life.

What did you think of the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins?

By Randy Alcorn | November 14, 2012
Though I know and respect Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye, I haven’t read the Left Behind series. There are various orthodox positions as well as countless speculations about the end times, and I’m not certain which are correct. I do know that Jesus is coming and that He will reign over a New Heavens and New Earth. 

What does the chasm represent?

By Randy Alcorn | March 15, 2011
In this two-minute audio clip, Randy Alcorn digs deeper into his book The Chasm for readers and shares about the symbolic meaning of the chasm portrayed in the story.