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Resources: discipleship

Knowing God’s Will

When you know Christ, when you saturate yourself in His Word, knowing God’s will naturally follows. It’s not hidden and obscure, it’s clearer than it’s ever been.

Leading By Serving

Effective role-modeling presupposes close relationships and therefore serves as a protection to both leader and follower.

Learn to Want What is Best

When we see things clearly, with an eternal perspective, what we value and what we want radically changes.

If a person enters into a relationship with Jesus Christ, shouldn’t there begin a transformation in their life?

If a person enters into a relationship with Jesus Christ, shouldn’t there begin a transformation in their life? Yet I read in your book The Grace & Truth Paradox and have been told by other people that “good works don’t save us, and bad works won’t kill us.” I strongly believe in eternal security, but I fear that some are going to stand face to face with the Creator of the universe and he will say, “I never knew you.”

It is quite amazing how often the term “legalism” comes up when there is a serious discussion about ...

I struggle with forgiving my parents for the painful home environment I grew up in. Do you know of any books that could help me?

If God Is Good ...I highly recommend David Augsburger’s The Freedom of Forgiveness. Also, Philip Yancy’s What’s So Amazing about Grace?, which shows us how God’s forgiveness of us should result in our forgiveness of others. Another good one is Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve, by Lewis Smedes. In checking around on Amazon I also found a book called I Should Forgive, but . . .  Finding Release from Anger and Bitterness, by Chuck Lynch. It might be helpful. I also found some good reader reviews of Forgiving Our Parents, Forgiving Ourselves: Healing Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families ...

Loving God and Trusting in His Promises

If you want to increase your desire for God, then get to know him in a deeper way.

Gift of Hope

There is a gift God has given his people in all ages that has enabled them not just to hold on, but to experience fulfillment even in times of great difficulty. This gift is hope.

The Cost of Discipleship

Note from Randy: I wrote this to the men in a study group I led, based on Dallas Willard’s book, Spirit of the Disciplines.

A History of Your Life

O that we practiced the heavenly spiritual exercise of meditating on the providences of God! How sweet it would make our lives; how light it would make our burdens! You live estranged from the pleasure of the Christian life if you ignore or neglect this discipline.

Fill your heart with thoughts of Him and His ways! Let your meditation be as full and exhaustive as possible. Do not let your thoughts swim like feathers upon the surface of the water, but sink like lead to the bottom. Although we cannot sound the depth of providence by our short line, it ...

What is the relationship between theology and worldview?

Though worldview and theology can be distinguished from each other in secondary ways, in the primary sense, I think they are not only inseparable, but practically synonymous.


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