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I notice that sometimes you allude to science fiction, including Star Trek and Star Wars. Do you recommend that Christian young people get into the Star Wars movies and books?

I enjoy science fiction and I do like Star Wars, especially the original three movies. However, Star Wars is a very poor place to get a theology, and that’s my biggest problem with its influence on the young, who don’t yet have the filters in place to screen out the heresy. If kids and parents can sit down, like we did with our daughters, and discuss the theological errors with “the Force,” that can be very good for them (and us). Some things are better not to get exposed to, but some our kids will inevitably be exposed ...

Biblical Inerrancy and Fuller Seminary

Randy Alcorn's second response to inerrancy and Fuller Seminary

Believing-the-Bible Book List

There are 3 categories: The formation of the canon, The reliability of the New Testament, and Refuting the claims of some recent critics.

A Compelling Reason for Rigorous Training of the Mind

I was reading and meditating on the book of Hebrews recently, when it hit me forcefully that a basic and compelling reason for education—the rigorous training of the mind—is so that a person can read the Bible with understanding.

A Surprise Endorsement for Doctrine

God gives good press to doctrine. But surveys of evangelicals usually do not—until recently.

Distinctive Teachings of Biblical Christianity

Biblical Christianity is fundamentally a relationship with Christ, not a religion about Christ.

What do you think of Mitch Albom’s book The Five People You Meet in Heaven?

Discerning Christians with a strong biblical theology can pick out the good and toss the bad. Unfortunately, most who read the book (and see the movie) will not do that.

Heaven: Our Certain Hope

Set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits at God’s right hand.…. Let heaven fill your thoughts. Colossians 3:1-2

Elyon: What Does it Mean?

I’m often asked why I use the term “Elyon” in reference to God in my novel Deadline (and again in Dominion).

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