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Faith and Evidence

driving“Give Me Proof!”

Late one autumn, I drove through Seattle, Washington, on my way to a men’s retreat. I happened to pick up a local radio talk show host who pontificated on organized religion, ridiculing the narrow-minded and uneducated bigots that would dare to embrace Christianity.

“Christianity is just a collection of ancient pagan myths that the early church pilfered,” he exclaimed. “There is no evidence any of these miracles really happened. It’s just wishful thinking by people who need a psychological crutch to get through their painful, meaningless lives.”

Then he threw down the gauntlet. “I challenge ...

Faith and Football

Tim TebowOne of the reasons we enjoy fall and winter is football. Nanci is more football-crazy than I am, but we both really enjoy the game.

Last January the Florida Gators won the national college championship. Quarterback Tim Tebow was named Most Valuable Player.

If you would have told us four years ago that Nanci and I would become Gators fans, we’d have said “no way.” Nothing against the Gators, but Florida and Oregon, land of Beavers and Ducks, are geographical opposites, and in the past we haven’t followed closely what happens in Florida at the college level.

But last year Tim Tebow and his family changed all that. Tim’s parents, Bob and Pam Tebow, invited us to spend a weekend with them and attend a Gator game last November. They lived in Oregon 36 years ago while Bob attended Western Seminary, where I went after Multnomah Bible College (now Multnomah University).

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