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Easily Entangled (Hebrews 12:1): One Christian Man’s Battle with Pornography

At the age of eleven I put my faith in Christ. I was drawn to the foot of the cross and decided to follow Jesus. Shortly after that milestone in my life, I entered puberty. All of a sudden things changed.

As someone who has remained sexually pure, how do I forgive my girlfriend, who lost her virginity in the past?

Your desire to marry someone who has remained pure is a great goal. However, because we are sinful by nature, some people do have sex outside of marriage, maybe even before they became a Christian.

Finding Forgiveness After an Abortion

Finding Forgiveness After an Abortion

There are two victims in an abortion—one dead, one damaged. If you have been dam­aged by an abortion, this is written for you. 

Finding Forgiveness For Your Sin

Because of Christ’s death on our behalf, forgiveness is available to all.

Good News: God Forgives

The forgiveness of God is a prominent theme throughout Scripture, one that should invoke from us expressions of wonder and praise. Here is a passage from the Old Testament. There are countless others throughout the Bible.

Westley Allen Dodd’s Eternity

I couldn’t sleep the night of January 4, 1993, so I turned on the coverage of the execution of Westley Allen Dodd. He was the man who tortured, raped and murdered three young boys in Vancouver, Washington, about twenty minutes from where I live.

Can God Forgive Abortions?

If you’re a woman who’s had an abortion, or advised another to have one, this article is for you. If you’re a man who’s been involved in an abortion decision—whether it concerned your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or anyone it’s also for you.

Can You Know You’re Going to Heaven?

Can You Know You're Going to Heaven?

Can we really know in advance where we’re going when we die? The apostle John, the same one who wrote about the new heavens and New Earth, said in one of his letters, “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life” (1 John 5:13, emphasis added). We can know for sure that we have eternal life. We can know for sure that we will go to Heaven when we die.

Sinless Perfectionism

I’ve been asked about sinless perfectionism, the belief that once someone becomes a Christian, they are no longer capable of sinning. Because they are clothed in the righteousness of Christ, because they are a new creation in Christ, therefore, just as Christ cannot sin, they cannot sin.

I struggle with forgiving my parents for the painful home environment I grew up in. Do you know of any books that could help me?

I struggle with forgiving my parents for the painful home environment I grew up in. Do you know of any books that could help me?

I highly recommend David Augsburger’s The Freedom of Forgiveness. Also, Philip Yancy’s What’s So Amazing about Grace?, which shows us how God’s forgiveness of us should result in our forgiveness of others. 

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