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A Theology of Heaven: 2003 Inductive Study

Scriptures Relevant to the Doctrines of Death, the Afterlife, Heaven, Hell, Resurrection and Eternal Rewards.

Enjoying God and Enjoying Heaven: Why They are Inseparable

Have you ever—in prayer or corporate worship or during a walk on the beach—for a few moments experienced the very presence of God?

Heaven: Home of Laughter

Who said, “If you’re not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don’t want to go there”? (Hint: It wasn’t Mark Twain.) It was Martin Luther.

How can we be aware of bad things on Earth when we’re promised there won’t be crying or pain?

Happiness in Heaven is based not on ignorance, but on perspective. We will be with Christ, see accurately, and live in a sinless environment. Heavenly happiness cannot be based on a fundamental ignorance of what is happening on Earth or even in Hell.

Do people now in Heaven remember what happened on Earth?

In Heaven, we will recall some—likely most or all—of our lives on earth. 

This is among the most controversial beliefs I’ve presented in my books, yet there’s clear scriptural evidence for it.

Does a person experience emotional healing immediately upon entering God’s presence, or is it a process?

I believe that as finite human beings who will live in space and time, we will go through a never-ending process of learning in Heaven, in that we will learn MORE as time goes on (Eph. 2:7). However, 1 Cor. 13:12 seems to suggest there will be immediate clarity of vision in God’s presence.

Don’t you think doing the same things we did on Earth will seem rather boring and mundane in the light of being redeemed?

Part of what we need to ask ourselves is why we would assume that we would not do many of the same things.

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