Resources: money management

Profiles of Christians Who Rob God

By Randy Alcorn | April 21, 2010
Phil and Pam are blind. They say there’s no money left to give—and they do their best to make sure of it! No matter what they say to the contrary, their lifestyle proves unarguably that toys, trips and cars are more important to them than God, his work and the needs of others.

Investing In Eternity

By Randy Alcorn | March 29, 2010
We Christians in American desperately need such a radical paradigm shift. A new way of seeing. We need to capture a vision for eternal treasure, to become energized by it.

Is Being "Rich" a Sin?

By Randy Alcorn | March 29, 2010

Question from a reader:

Is being so-called “rich” a sin? Does God always prohibit Christians from having wealth?

Randy Alcorn on Coral Ridge

By Randy Alcorn | March 26, 2010
In this five and a half minute video, Randy talks about the topic of money and the economy on the Coral Ridge hour.

How do we teach our children about money?

By Randy Alcorn, Linda Jeffries | March 19, 2010
I am leading a class of young families at my church and we are presently talking about how to teach your children about money. What are your answers to the following questions?

Cultivating Joy in Our Giving

By Randy Alcorn | March 17, 2010
Giving infuses life with joy. It interjects an eternal dimension into even the most ordinary day. That’s just one reason you couldn’t pay me enough not to give. The joy Nanci and I experience comes in envisioning what God is doing in people’s lives for eternity through what we’ve given to Him.