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How the Health and Wealth Gospel Perverts Our View of Evil and Suffering

How the Health and Wealth Gospel Perverts Our View of Evil and Suffering

Prosperity theology teaches that God will bless with material abundance and good health those who obey him and lay claim to his promises. “We don’t have to wait for God’s blessing in the life to come,” it promises. “He’ll send it to us here and now.”

Profiles of Christians Who Rob God

Profiles of Christians Who Rob God

Phil and Pam are blind. They say there’s no money left to give—and they do their best to make sure of it! No matter what they say to the contrary, their lifestyle proves unarguably that toys, trips and cars are more important to them than God, his work and the needs of others.

Debt: Who You Gonna Serve?

It’s one thing to trust God to provide for our present needs (Matthew 6:33). It is another to presume upon him by dictating (via choosing to go into debt) the demand for, amount of and necessary duration of his future provision.

Practical Guidelines To Control Spending: Appendix D from Money, Possessions and Eternity

For many people, spending money is an addictive behavior similar to alcoholism or gambling. With compulsive spending, the true enemy is within.

Are we rewarded in heaven for leaving money to Christian ministries when we die?

Heb 9:27 says, "It's appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment." Everything we receive reward for is what we actually did on earth.

Generous Giving: 40 Questions to Ask God

Some of these are one-a-day questions, others could be asked several in succession. Decide according to your preference. 

Giving and Receiving in a Buying and Selling Culture

As thunder follows lightning, giving follows grace. They’re inseparable. If God’s grace touches you, you can’t help but respond with generous giving.

Green Bay Packer Chapel: Deuteronomy 17

Fame puts us in the power position, a position of influence where people will listen to us and follow us. But fame also sets us up for failure. God gives 3 specific warnings of what the King, the most famous and powerful person in the nation, should not do.

Training Your Children to Manage Money

Today countless children grow up begging and grabbing and clinging onto all the things money can buy. As adults, they rarely outgrow this shallow self-centeredness, but simply graduate to more money and bigger toys. Living their lives on earth as if this were all there is, they fail to prepare for their eternal future.

Should the local church receive peoples’ tithes before other worthy needs?

Should the local church receive peoples’ tithes before other worthy needs?

To say that churches should receive the firstfruits does NOT mean they should keep them. They should set the example for their people by giving more to missions and the poor than they keep.

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