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Does God desire for us to give Him gifts?

child with flowerWe have become so conscious of having nothing to offer to earn our salvation (which of course we don’t), that we’ve translated that into “there’s nothing we can give God that will please Him.” That’s utterly false—we’re not saved by good works, but God has prepared for us a lifetime of good works (Eph. 2:8-10), which are our gifts to Him.

Elyon: What Does it Mean?

Why do you use the name Elyon to refer to God in several of your books? from Randy Alcorn on Vimeo.



I’m often asked why I use the term “Elyon” in reference to God in my novel Deadline (and again in Dominion). Though I am comfortable making up names for men and angels for the purposes of fiction, I would not presume to make up a name for God. That’s why I chose a name that, while unfamiliar to many people, is specifically revealed in Scripture.

The Hebrew “Elyon” occurs thirty-one times in the Old Testament. The equivalent ...

Enjoying God and Enjoying Heaven: Why They are Inseparable

What is the essence of heaven?...[It is the] beatific vision, love, and enjoyment of the triune God. For the three divine persons have an infinitely perfect vision and love and enjoyment of the divine essence and of one another. And in this infinite knowing, loving and enjoying lies the very life of the triune God, the very essence of their endless and infinite happiness. If the blessed are to be endlessly and supremely happy, then, they must share in the very life of the triune God, in the divine life that makes them endlessly and infinitely happy. — E. J ...

Where’s the line between discernment and lack of faith in miracles?

This is a dilemma, and I think we should ask God to give us faith to believe Him, and skeptical only of some people’s claims, but not of God’s power or the fact that He sometimes miraculously intervenes. We need discernment, but not skepticism and certainly not cynicism.

The Relationship Between the Holy Spirit and the Word of God

The Holy Spirit’s presence in the life of the reader is essential to his total understanding, appreciation, and implementation of Scripture (1 Corinthians 2:6-16).

Common Grace

Common Grace

David says, “The LORD is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made....The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. You open your hand, you satisfy the desire of every living thing” (Psalm 145:9, 15-16). God cares for his creation and extends his grace to all, not only people but animals, though they suffer under the curse and will until Christ’s return.

How can I hear God’s voice and know that He is clearly speaking to me?

How can I hear God's voice and know that He is clearly speaking to me?

Knowing Gods voice, I think, comes mostly from abiding in Christ, as in John 15. Part of that, but not all of it, is His Word abiding in us.

How Could a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering?

A year and a half ago I walked through the Killing Fields in Cambodia. I saw the skulls piled up, and stood by the mudpits where hundreds of bodies were thrown. I saw a human jawbone lying at my feet. I picked it up, held it in my hand, and wept. The darkness was overwhelming—the ground cried out at the tragedy in which two to three million Cambodians, nearly one third of the countrys population, were murdered by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

I was escorted by a gentle Cambodian couple, Vek and Samoeun Tang, who survived the Killing Fields. Samoeuns parents both starved to death. One of her brothers was known dead, another brother was never seen or heard from. Presumably he was murdered and thrown into one of the thousands of unmarked graves, many of them containing hundreds of bodies each.

How will millions of resurrected believers have access to Jesus?

How will millions of resurrected believers have access to Jesus?

Question from a reader:

On page 174 of Heaven you talk of the thrill of seeing Jesus in Heaven. You say, “Being with him. Gazing at him. Talking with him. Worshiping him. Embracing him. Eating with him. Walking with him. Laughing with him.” But how will millions of resurrected believers be able to do this? Do we take turns?

How Will We Relate to God in Heaven?

How Will We Relate to God in Heaven?

Think about the person you would most want to spend time with. Who would that person be? Your favorite singer, author, or athlete? Your best friend who moved away? A family member who’s already died?

Many Christians would say they’d want to spend time with Jesus. They’d want to see the Savior who created them, died for them, and made their life in Heaven possible—the one who loves them more than anyone else.

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