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New Song, New Car, New Earth

By Randy Alcorn | February 24, 2012
By calling the New Earth Earth, God emphatically tells us it will be earthly, and thus familiar. Otherwise, why call it Earth?

Will we eat good food in Heaven? How will it taste?

By Randy Alcorn | February 25, 2012
Our resurrected bodies will have resurrected taste buds. We can trust that the food we eat on the New Earth, some of it familiar and some of it brand-new, will taste better than anything we’ve ever eaten here.

Do you believe it’s the role of Christians to transform the world into the New Earth through social reform?

By Randy Alcorn | May 30, 2012

Question from a reader:

One of the pastors of my church insists that you—and I, since I agree with your view of a restoration of the present earth as opposed to its total and complete annihilation and re-creation—are "cultural transformationists.” He says that I believe it is the role of believers to transform the world into the New Earth through social reform. Could you clarify for me what you believe in regard to this topic?

Questions -Scriptures on the Millennium Vs. the New Earth

By Randy Alcorn | October 1, 2012
In October of 2012 Randy spent a weekend at The Cove, The Billy Graham Association's conference center in Asheville, NC. Over the weekend Randy was interviewed by Dr. John Akers on the theme "Four Central Truths of A Biblical Worldview."
It is sometimes difficult to distinguish in Scripture when it is talking about the Millennium under Christ's rule and when it is talking about the New Heaven and Earth. Randy shares some thoughts on how to discern which period a passage is talking about. He uses Isaiah 60 and 65 as examples.
The Cove, Clip 57