Resources: post-abortive recovery

Pro-Woman or Pro-Child?

By Randy Alcorn | April 21, 2010
Countless myths have been attached to the prolife movement. One example is the often-repeated statement, “Prolifers don’t really care about pregnant women, or about children once they’re born.”

Prolife Except in the Case of Rape?

By Randy Alcorn | April 21, 2010
“What about a woman who is pregnant due to rape or incest?” This is one of three hard cases often cited as “exceptions” that make abortion an appropriate alternative. (The other two are when the life of the mother is threatened or the child has a serious handicap or deformity.)

Prolife Resource List

By Eternal Perspective Ministries | April 14, 2010
Prolife Resources including abortion alternatives, adoption, postabortion support, pregnancy resources, prolife action and strategies, etc.

Sanctity of Human Life Message and Q&A

By Randy Alcorn | April 1, 2010
Randy Alcorn, Dan Franklin, and Diane Meyer discuss the sanctity of human life at Good Shepherd Community Church. Diane Meyer tells a story of abortion and healing. January 2010  

Letter to High School Students

By Randy Alcorn | March 30, 2010
[the book being sent to you] deals with what is the most compelling moral issue of our day, just as slavery was in the last century.