Resources: post-abortive recovery

Parental Consent: Through the Eyes of a Post-Abortion Teen

By Anonymous | June 1, 1995
I am in favor of the parental notification bill because of the irreparable damage I experienced due to the decisions I made as a minor. When I was 17 years old, I determined that I was mature enough to make my own decisions, and didn’t need my parents’ advice on how to live my life.

A Child's Love Opens Jane Roe's Heart

By Focus on the Family | September 4, 1996
The first time 7-year-old Emily Bausch met Norma McCorvey, she had no idea she had come face to face with an icon of the pro-abortion movement—”Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade. 

Rose Ceremony To Remember the Unborn

By Randy Alcorn | January 18, 1997
We who follow Christ sometimes have to face realities that make us uncomfortable—this is one of those times. We must not allow our discomfort to keep us from facing the truth, from coming to terms with God’s Word. So let’s give each other permission to be uncomfortable. The hurt we experience today will be the beginning of healing.

Memorial Rose Garden

By Kathy Norquist | May 11, 1997
The idea for the Memorial Rose Garden was birthed in the hearts of Dave and Audrey Stout after Audrey had visited the National Memorial to the Unborn in Tennessee.

A Mother's Memorial to Her Aborted Child

By Angi Courville | September 16, 2001
I am not a brave person. More often than not, when God has a difficult assignment for me, I pull a Moses: “I can’t, Lord!...why me???” Recently He gave me a chance to stretch a little.

Post-Abortion Trauma in Men: Finding Healing for a Hidden Problem

By Victor Lee | June 1, 2002
It’s like the tip of an iceberg, a sharp, damaging, external protrusion that, no matter how much pain it inflicts, only represents the much bigger problem beneath the surface. What is so fierce that it can sink the seemingly hardiest of men, or at least flood a chamber of his heart and debilitate him for life? Abortion.