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The Valley of Vision

Lord, high and holy, meek and lowly, Thou hast brought me to the valley of vision...

17 Countries Where Christians are Persecuted

I've edited this based on information from The Bible League, Operation World and other sources. It's intended to help us pray more intelligently for our brothers and sisters.

27 Common Questions About Heaven

All these questions are addressed in Randy Alcorn's book Heaven (Tyndale, 2004). Most of them have clear, though not comprehensive, biblical answers. The others that don't have clear answers can be intelligently speculated upon, based on what Scripture does tell us.

ACLU Escalates Battle Against Faith

In 1992, my home town, Gresham, Oregon, emerged as the newest battlefield between the historic role of the Christian faith in our society, and the newer vision of the ACLU.

American History vs. the ACLU

I want to address two groups. First, the ACLU and those sympathetic to it, and second the Church.

An Hour With George Müeller, Man of Faith

I've taken the following excerpts from an excellent booklet, An Hour With George Müeller, The Man of Faith to Whom God Gave Millions.

Angelic Warfare

This is a question and answer concerning prayer and angelic warfare portrayed in Randy Alcorn's books Deadline, Dominion and Edge of Eternity.

When Public Prayer Is Made Illegal

On Thursday May 7, 1992, I joined about 500 other citizens and taxpayers to pray on the lawn at City Hall in the city of Gresham, Oregon. It was the national day of prayer, declared so by our president. Organizers had gone through the right hoops, and the mayor of Gresham had granted permission for us to be there. But the gathering began not with a prayer or song of worship, but a statement read by a police lieutenant culminating in, "You are commanded to leave." What a way to start a prayer meeting!

Why don’t we pray to Mary and the Saints?

We don’t pray to Mary and the various saints because they are not God, and they have no power to answer prayer. It doesn’t matter whether they know what’s happening on Earth; we should not pray to them, any more then we should pray to our friends on Earth because they know what’s happening in our lives.

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