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Resources: prisoners

Rise in AIDS Poses Ministry Challenge

Facilities forced to house two or three times their capacity can become lethal breeding grounds for infectious diseases such as AIDS and HIV-aggravated tuberculosis.

At Home With God

Looking for a way to reach out, a woman from the Midwest contacted a death-row prison ministry and began writing to a man named Durlyn.

EPM provides books to prisoners

Sharon MisenhimerBy age nineteen, things at home looked hopeless for Jason (not his real name). His father was an alcoholic, verbally abusive, and physically violent. His mother could do little about it, so he left home and headed west.

He met a group of people who offered free sex and drugs. He joined their group as it gave him a sense of acceptance and belonging that substituted for the love and respect he craved. As time passed, the group turned into one of racism and violence. With members of the group, Jason became involved in robberies and a murder. He was ...

Ministering to Inmates in the U.S. and Around the World

“No other author that I have read has ever gotten my mind on the things of God as you do.”

Americans Getting Transplanted Organs from Chinese Inmates

An increasing number of Americans are traveling to China to receive transplanted kidneys, livers, corneas and other body parts from executed Chinese prisoners.

Be an Advocate for Imprisoned Christians Around the World and Send Letters of Encouragement

By becoming an ‘advocate’ you are entering into the vital and important ministry of intercession and solidarity with those who suffer for their faith in Christ.

Randy’s Books for Prisoners

Randy's Books for Prisoners

Throughout the 21 years of EPM’s existence, we’ve received countless encouraging letters from readers, sharing how God has used Randy’s books to inspire them to live in light of eternity. But some of the most touching letters we’ve received are from a specific group of people: prisoners.

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