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Civil Disobedience and God's Purpose

By Randy Alcorn | April 21, 2010
Randy Alcorn shares his story of civil disobedience, consequences, and God's working out His purpose through it all. (at the Joni and Friends 2008 Donors Retreat)

Civil Disobedience to Save Unborn Children: Is "Rescuing" Right?

By Randy Alcorn | March 15, 1991
“Rescuing” is a united action in which people peacefully place their bodies in front of the entrances of an abortion clinic. The purpose is to prevent access to the clinic, and to thereby save the lives of unborn children who would otherwise be killed shortly after their mothers enter the building.

An Encounter While Sidewalk Counseling

By Denny Hartford | June 1, 2008
One morning at the abortion clinic an arrogant, blasphemous man came roaring at me with graphic threats of what violent (though physiologically unlikely) tortures he was about to inflict on me.

God Writes Our Job Description

By Ron Norquist | January 27, 2010
What is it like to be a designated “abortion person” in your church and community? Well, for me, it’s a little like eating the old “jaw breaker” candy. It’s good and it’s hard.

Interview with Randy Alcorn on Prolife Issues

By Brian Womack | January 1, 1992
Even in this world I’m optimistic about the opportunity to impact and influence all kinds of people. I’ve seen joy and peace in the lives of many women who’ve had an experience of forgiveness after their abortions and many women who, as a result of intervention, spared the lives of their children. 

John Brown & Anti-Abortion Violence

By Dennis Teti | June 1, 1995
Lincoln saw that slavery's proponents were using Brown's extremism as an excuse to stop national protest against the obscenity of slavery and to intimidate his party. 

The Pastor Who Had to Resign

By Tim Stafford | April 1, 2003
Randy Alcorn learned to live what he had preached while fleeing the wrath of abortionists and the judgment of the courts.

Sidewalk Counseling

By Denny Hartford | March 15, 2010
The following guidelines have been developed by the prolife activists of Vital Signs Ministries who have been engaged in these ministries for over 25 years. We make them available to others in order to give them a clearer understanding of what is involved in this aspect of prolife ministry and to help them best honor our heavenly Father as we strive to serve Him together in this important witness.