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3 Practical Ways You Can Make a Prolife Impact

3 Practical Ways You Can Make a Prolife Impact

1. Pray regularly for prolife ministries...
2. Give regular visibility to the issue of abortion... 
3. Spearhead a prolife ministry... 

54 Babies

Where Route 71 crosses over Payton Drive, at the bottom of the steeply sloping embankment, two boys, who were playing nearby, found the boxes. The boys bicycled home and said they had found boxes of “babies.”

Abortion Debate at Westmont College

This abortion debate with Scott Klusendorf and Nadine Strossen was filmed April 2011 at Westmont College. Recorded by Tim Eaton.

Abortion in the Bible and Church History

Abortion in the Bible and Church History

There is a small but influential circle of prochoice advocates who claim to base their beliefs on the Bible. They maintain that “nowhere does the Bible prohibit abortion.” 

Abortion is About God

Abortion is about God. To leave God out of the picture of abortion is to trivialize it. All things are trivial without God.

Alternatives to Secular Organizations that Promote Unbiblical Values

Includes alternatives to AARP, the March of Dimes, and the National Education Association.

An Appeal to Prolife Organizations and Church Ministries Regarding Why ProLife?

Why Pro-Life? (subtitled: Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers), is a little book I've written as a "read it yourself, then pass it along to others" expression of core prolife beliefs.

Are pro-abortion and pro-choice different?

Randy Alcorn answers the question, "How do you respond to those who claim I'm not pro-abortion I'm pro-choice?"

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