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Prolife Except in the Case of Rape?

“What about a woman who is pregnant due to rape or incest?” This is one of three hard cases often cited as “exceptions” that make abortion an appropriate alternative. (The other two are when the life of the mother is threatened or the child has a serious handicap or deformity.)

39 Major ProChoice Arguments and Their Refutations

Answers to arguments concerning life, humanity, and personhood; arguments concerning rights and fairness; arguments concerning social cases; arguments concerning health and safety; arguments concerning the hard cases; and arguments against the character of prolifers.

Is Abortion Right When Pregnancy is Due to Rape or Incest?

Is Abortion Right When Pregnancy is Due to Rape or Incest?

Studies conducted by the prochoice Guttmacher Institute in­dicate that two consenting and fertile adults have only a 3–5 percent chance of pregnancy from an act of intercourse. They also indicate there are factors involved in a rape that further reduce these chances for rape victims.* The Institute says fourteen thou­sand* abortions per year are due to rape or incest, which amounts to 1 percent of all abortions.* Other studies have shown that preg­nancies due to rape are much rarer, as few as one in a thousand cases.*

What a Truly Pro Life Candidate Believes

Alan Keyes (Republican Presidential candidate) addressed 120 middle school students (6th to 8th graders) at the Cornerstone School in Detroit. A 13-year-old girl asked if he would make an exception for rape in his position on abortion. The following is the dialogue that took place:

Rape Recovery

Rape is an invasive event of traumatic evil.

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