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Resources: sexual purity

Immorality & Cultural Decline

The twentieth century is not the first to see society riddled with immorality.

In Condoms We Trust

A recent “Primetime Live” program covered public schools whose health clinics are now surgically inserting Norplant beneath the skin of teenage girls. 

Strategies to Keep from Falling: Practical Steps to Maintain Your Purity and Ministry

“Something terrible has happened.” The tense voice was my friend’s, calling from across the country. “Yesterday our pastor left his wife and ran off with another woman.”

A Theology of Desire: Inductive Biblical Overview on Desire

The purpose of this assignment is to see in overview what the Bible says about desire. As you look at each passage, in the space provided jot down key phrases, observations (e.g. who’s doing the desiring and what they desire) or principles.

Hey Kids! Want Good Sex? Try Abstinence.

I think the current political debate concerning abstinence vs. contraceptive based sexual education has failed to include an important variable in the discussion of what to teach in school: sexual well being.

Addiction Proofing: A Strategy for Spiritual Renewal

At any one time, 10% of our congregations are addicted (involved in damaging behaviors), 30% are compulsive (hearts preoccupied with pleasure), and all are eventually tempted.

Grateful Heart: An Antidote to Lust

Did you ever wonder why your struggles with lust seem to come in cycles? For some reason you seem to struggle mightily with lust for a number of days or weeks and then, for no apparent reason, the struggle subsides.

Accountability Groups: Men Helping Men in Their Walk With God

To experience true accountability, we have both the right and the responsibility to ask each other hard and to-the-point questions.

Deterring Immorality by Counting Its Cost

If only we would rehearse in advance the ugly and overwhelming consequences of immorality, we would be far more prone to avoid it.

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