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Resources: the chasm

The Chasm: A Look at the Art

The Chasm is Randy’s first fine-line illustrated novel, and artist Mike Biegel did a great job bringing the story to life through his drawings.

The Chasm: A Note from the Author

The Chasm is an otherworldly tale with an allegorical feel; a vibrant mix of movement, action, revelation, and reflection that follows  the journey of one man who represents everyman. His struggle is universal.

The Chasm: Discussion Questions

The Chasm: Discussion Questions

Discussion questions for Randy Alcorn's The Chasm.

The Chasm Book Trailer

Listen to audio book clips from the Chasm by Randy Alcorn and commentary from the author. Plus, see Mike Biegel's original art used in the book (mikebiegel.com). The Chasm audio book is narrated by the author.

Is there a connection between The Chasm and Edge of Eternity?

The Chasm was inspired by a few chapters in the middle of Randy’s novel Edge of Eternity, but is a much shorter book. It’s a standalone work that does not require any knowledge of the larger story

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