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The Chasm: A Look at the Art

By Randy Alcorn | March 17, 2011
The Chasm is Randy’s first fine-line illustrated novel, and artist Mike Biegel did a great job bringing the story to life through his drawings.

The Chasm: A Note from the Author

By Randy Alcorn | March 16, 2011
The Chasm is an otherworldly tale with an allegorical feel; a vibrant mix of movement, action, revelation, and reflection that follows  the journey of one man who represents everyman. His struggle is universal.

The Chasm Book Trailer

By Randy Alcorn | February 8, 2011
Listen to audio book clips from the Chasm by Randy Alcorn and commentary from the author. Plus, see Mike Biegel's original art used in the book ( The Chasm audio book is narrated by the author.