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How can I learn to trust God?

Question from a reader:

I've just read your book Dominion to the end. It's a great book. I think that I look a lot like Clarence Abernathy. It's very hard for me to trust God always, to believe that there are things I don't understand, but that God uses things for His plan (Rom. 8:28). I hope you could tell me how I can learn to trust God. I am 14 years old and what people say is important for me—too important I think. Can you help me?

Randy’s Story of Giving

Randy's shares his story at the Seed Company Invitational 2007.

Diane Meyer’s Testimony for Sanctity of Human Life

Diane Meyer shares her testimony at Good Shepherd Community Church, one week before the official Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. January 2010.

How does your faith in God’s goodness affect your thoughts about your grandsons growing up in a volatile world?

How does your faith in God's goodness affect your thoughts about your grandsons growing up in a volatile world?

What is wrong with “Open Theism”?

In this six-minute clip, Randy talks about how God’s promises—including Romans 8:28—rest upon His character and attributes, including His being all-knowing and all-powerful.

How Far Are His Ways Above Our Own

In this five minute clip, Randy Alcorn shares about personal stories of miracles and losses when he came to understand more deeply the truth of God's sovereignty.

Eternity With God Will Be the Ultimate Retrospect

In this three and a half minute clip, Randy Alcorn talks about the perspective that comes from finding the correlation between the worst things and the best things that have ever happened to us.

Is it important to move past anger at God?

In this eight-minute clip, Randy Alcorn answers the question,"Is it important to move past anger at God?"

Trusting God’s Sovereign Grace in Tough Times

In this eight and a half minute video, Randy Alcorn answers the question, "What perspective does the Bible give us during this tough economic time?"

The God Who Will Bring Good out of Bad (Romans 8:28)

Randy Alcorn teaches on Romans 8:28 at Good Shepherd Community Church. This video, from the Saturday night service includes the Powerpoint slides on the screen for your study convenience.

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