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Prolife Except in the Case of Rape?

“What about a woman who is pregnant due to rape or incest?” This is one of three hard cases often cited as “exceptions” that make abortion an appropriate alternative. (The other two are when the life of the mother is threatened or the child has a serious handicap or deformity.)

Is an abortion anyone else’s business? (audio)

Randy Alcorn addresses the argument that "an abortion is no one else's business." (on Midday Connection with Melinda Schmidt)

Pro-choice or Anti-choice?

“Every person has the right to choose. It’s unfair to restrict a woman’s choice by prohibiting abortion.” So say the prochoice advocates. So says a generation that has grown up immersed in an ocean of abortion-rights thinking.

Pro-Woman or Pro-Child?

babyMy wife and I became involved in pro-life work out of concern for women who’d been devastated by abortion. In 1981 we opened our home to a pregnant teenage girl. I served on the board of one of the first pregnancy centers on the West Coast, offering help to pregnant women who were needy, confused, and desperate. Our objective was to help women in every way possible. And the best way to help these women was to provide them alternatives to abortion.

Do prolifers care for babies more than women? (audio)

Randy Alcorn answers the question, "Does being prolife mean we choose caring for babies over caring for women?" (On Midday Connection with Melinda Schmidt.)

Prolifers don’t care about women

Do Prolifers care about women, and babies once they’re born? They have no right to speak against abortion unless they are willing to care for these children.

A publication of the National Abortion Rights Action League states, “The ‘prolife’ concerns of abortion foes are only for fetal lives, not the lives of women or unwanted babies.”

Is Abortion Really a Women’s Rights Issue?

Kate Michelman, former president of NARAL, says: “We have to remind people that abortion is the guar­antor of a woman’s... right to participate fully in the social and political life of society.” But a pregnant woman can fully participate in society. And if she can’t, isn’t the solution changing society rather than killing children?

Is the Unborn Part of the Mother’s Body?

... every child, no matter how young and how small and no matter where he is located, is an individual human being with a life and rights of his own.

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