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Speaking Requests

Speaking Engagement Requests

Thank you for your inquiry into Randy Alcorn's availability to speak at your gathering. He is humbled and appreciative that you desire him for your event.

Here are some things to be aware of when extending an invitation to Randy:

  • Randy considers himself primarily a writer who sometimes speaks. Because he believes God has called him to write, he has to decline about 98% of all speaking requests in order to have the necessary time to write, as well as direct the ministry of EPM.
  • In light of his limited speaking availability (6-8 engagements annually), it has become necessary to accept invitations for events that will have the furthest reaching impact.Frequent requests come to him for men's retreats, family camps, fundraising events, banquets and church services and he must turn down virtually all of these. The reason isn't because he doesn't believe in the strategic kingdom value of these things, but mainly because he feels others are more gifted in these arenas than he is. He's learned that he needs to say yes only to those things God has uniquely prepared and called him to do.
  • Another factor Randy must consider is East Coast or international travel.* He lives on the West Coast, so it is much more difficult to spend two full days of travel for an event. 

*In recent years, however, he has found it necessary to reduce the number of speaking engagements he can accept in order to devote more time to writing, which is his primary calling. He is rarely (if ever) able to travel and speak internationally.

If after reading the above you feel that your invitation is one of the very few that Randy will be able to give serious consideration to, you can call me, Kathy Norquist, at 503-668-5200 ext. 22, or email me at Kathy@epm.org and we can discuss the details.

God bless you and your ministry. Regardless of Randy's involvement, may God give you just the right speaker for your event.

Kathy Norquist 
Executive Assistant to Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspective Ministries
39085 Pioneer Blvd., Suite 206
Sandy, OR 97055

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