The Sovereignty of God: What Does It Mean?

Early this year, our friend Rakel Thurman shared a great message on God’s sovereignty at our church’s Bible study for women. Nanci and I love and appreciate Rakel, an amazing woman with a heart for the whole world and a contagious exuberance for God and His kingdom. We got to know Rakel and her family while staying with them in Egypt in 1988, and then some years later staying with them in Cyprus.

Rakel came to faith at a missions conference in Sweden in her early 20s and has since ministered in France, Lebanon, Egypt, and Cyprus, as well as the US and Sweden. She and her American husband Pat will celebrate 42 years of marriage this year.

Rakel is well qualified to address this topic. She came to a deeper and very personal understanding of the sovereignty of God in September 1996 when her second son Jonathan (one of two children) was killed in an automobile accident on the first day of his junior year in high school. (When the Thurmans moved to our area Jonathan attended Barlow, the same high school as our daughters, and died while our daughter Angela, also a junior, was in the hospital for a surgery.)

From her heartbreaking loss of Jonathan, Rakel came away “with the understanding that there actually is Someone, apart from me, who is in control, and not just in control, but in perfect control…of everything.”

I encourage you to listen to this message from a woman who loves Jesus, has experienced deep suffering, and has learned what it means to rest in God’s sovereignty.

(My thanks to Karen Coleman for her help in compiling Rakel’s biographical information. Karen served as a ministry assistant at Eternal Perspective Ministries for three and a half years before going to be with Jesus in June 2018.)

photo credit: Rabindranath Tagore via photopin (license)

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of fifty-some books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries

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