Randy Alcorn's Blog: Christ

Christ’s Multifaceted Character

By Randy Alcorn September 4, 2020
I’m excited about the release of my new book It’s All About Jesus: A Treasury of Insights on Our Savior, Lord, and Friend. My hope is that readers will behold a full, beautiful, deep, profound, meaningful, and inspirational picture of the true Jesus, seen through the eyes of the biblical writers and hundreds of people throughout history. Hope you enjoy this sample from part one of the book, “The Nature and Attributes of Jesus.”

History’s Greatest Plot Twist: God’s Son Became a Baby

By Randy Alcorn December 9, 2019
God is the Great Storyteller. With grand artistry, He brings forth a beautiful world in a spectacular universe. As the culmination of His creativity, He fashions Adam and Eve. They rebel against God, and evil enters the world. God promises a Redeemer, and with eagerness His people look for one to come forth triumphantly, overthrowing their enemies and set­ting up His kingdom. But the centuries pass without the Redeemer’s appearance.