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Reading Books v. Reading Online

I recently read an interesting article by David Brooks, at The New York Times website. What follows is an excerpt:

Why Are We So Offended All the Time?

What follows is a spot-on article by Kevin DeYoung, a pastor and writer. While it was written after the flap about Brit Hume, making that aspect of it dated, it is timeless at its core, and I just “happened” upon it (in the providence of God).

Journalist Brit Hume's Response to Critics

I don’t recall watching a Sunday morning news or commentary program for years, but in God’s providence I turned on the television four weeks ago, just a few minutes before Brit Hume made his now famous comments about Tiger Woods. 

Dockers asks men to "Wear the Pants"

Last week I got an email about Dockers pants from The Rebelution (a site I highly recommend), which I've quoted in this blog. After you read it, check out the picture below, part of Dockers' new advertising campaign.

Visiting America's Wounded Warriors

Todd DuBord, my friend and Chuck Norris’s chaplain, linked me to Chuck’s column to let me know he’d referred to If God Is Good. I want to convey part of Chuck’s touching story below, then if you wish you can read the whole column here.

Did You Know: The Changing World of Technology

The video in this blog is an incredible look at how far technology has advanced and is changing, even just within the past year. As you watch it, remember that technology is a part of society or culture, which is the creative accomplishment of God’s image-bearers. 

Facebook and Twitter: Are They Worth It?

As many of you know, I am on both Facebook and Twitter, where I frequently post short updates and devotional thoughts. Some people may ask if as a Christian, being on Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites is really worth it, or just a waste of time.

A Perspective on Halloween

 For some Halloween is harmless. But there is another side to be aware of, which draws in others. If you participate, I suggest choosing costumes carefully, and having appropriate conversations with your kids when they see the "dark side" depicted.

Building a Biblical Worldview

Acts 17:11 says that "Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true." We should come to God's Word with "great eagerness."