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God Seeking His Own Glory

When we seek our own glory, it means we are proud and arrogant. But does God seek his own glory? And if He does, wouldn’t that make him a megalomaniac? 

Rob Bell and the Controversy over Hell

There has been a lot of online response to Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins. The controversy began with this video, which I've posted here so you can hear Pastor Bell’s own words.

A Gospel Animation

Do you have five minutes to sit back and listen to a song and watch an animation about the gospel? I’ve listened to it a couple times and it moved me to worship our God of grace.

El Elyon: God Most High

I’m often asked why I use the term “Elyon” in reference to God in my novels. Though I am comfortable making up names for men and angels for the purposes of fiction, I would not presume to make up a name for God. 

Dug Down Deep and the Joy of Studying God

Does studying God—and doctrine—have to be a dull discipline, or can it be an exhilarating exercise that transforms your life? I believe that theology is the foundation upon which worldview is built. 

Psalm 19: God's General and Special Revelation

As a twelve-year-old, I first viewed through a telescope the great galaxy of Andromeda, consisting of hundreds of billions of stars and untold numbers of planets, nearly three million light years from Earth. I was mesmerized.

Charles Spurgeon Praising the Divine Architect

Charles Spurgeon preached to something like ten million people in his lifetime, sometimes speaking ten times a week at various locations. His sermons were transcribed as he spoke.