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A Look Back at 10 Years of Blogging, and a Book Giveaway

Ten years ago today, EPM shared my first blog post, “There is a God,” which featured Bryant Young, then defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers. We’ve since shared over 1,300 posts on a wide range of topics, including Heaven, suffering, giving, prolife issues, happiness, current events, and much more.

Our Recap of 2016, and Looking Ahead to 2017

Hope you enjoy the highlights from EPM’s past year. Thank you so much for serving as members of Christ’s body to partner with us in this eternity-shaping ministry!

The Uniqueness of Giving to Eternal Perspective Ministries

I’ve been asked over the years, “Why don’t you fund Eternal Perspective Ministries through the book royalties, and not receive donations?” It’s a reasonable question, and there are two main answers.

EPM Resources to Share with Your Spanish-Speaking Friends

We have over 60 free article resources in Spanish available on our site, which I’m really excited about. Numbers of them are excerpts from my books in Spanish.  I would love for individuals and ministries and churches to utilize these and share them with Spanish-speakers.

A Happy Invitation to Invest in Eternity

At Eternal Perspective Ministries, we’re dedicated to investing in eternity and joyfully helping others do the same. This perspective is the heartbeat behind all we do.

Why Your Purchase from EPM Is Making a Difference

This February has been customer appreciation month at Eternal Perspective Ministries, and I want to personally thank those of you who have partnered with us by purchasing from our online store.