Randy Alcorn's Blog: Happiness

Christian Joy and Feasting

What if we as believers were known as the people of celebration and gladness, and the church as the place of feasting?

If God Is Happy, Why Does He Seem Bad-Tempered?

I think the very fact that He’s unhappy with sin is an indicator that sin is what robs people of happiness. So He’s happy with that which is not only in conformity to His holy standards, but also that which is in conformity to His happiness and delight.

The Two Sworn Enemies of Our Joy

William Whitaker, who was a Puritan and a Cambridge University professor in the 16th century, spoke of “sinning away that happiness wherein we were created.” And that is a very graphic picture not only of what Adam and Eve did, but also what we who are conceived as sinners and have a sin nature do

Is Happiness Different from Joy?

I think the first thing we need to realize is that historically there was no such distinction in the church and in the English language. Simply look up joy in a secular dictionary, say Webster’s Dictionary, and you’ll see it defined as happiness and, happiness defined as joy. They are synonyms with overlapping meanings. 

Giving Brings Happiness, During Thanksgiving, Christmas and All Year Long

It might surprise you to learn that secular studies are emphatic in their assertion that giving makes people happier. Most of the people who conduct these studies don’t realize they’re agreeing with Jesus, who said: “It is more blessed [makarios: happy-making] to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

The Joy and Happiness of Giving Thanks in Every Circumstance

Whether we find ourselves having reason to celebrate or to mourn, there’s never a time not to express our gratitude to God. Psalm 140:13 declares, “Surely the righteous shall give thanks to your name.” Giving thanks is what God’s people do.

The Joy of Forgiveness

I heard Corrie ten Boom talk once of meeting a sadistically cruel guard from the death camp Ravensbrück, where she'd been a prisoner. As you read her account of this meeting, marvel at the Messiah's grace, and His empowerment to His people to extend that grace to others.

Is There a Difference Between Happiness and Joy?

There’s a long rich, history of equating joy with happiness in Christ. In stark contrast to believers prior to the twentieth century, many modern Christians have portrayed happiness as, at best, inferior to joy and, at worst, evil. 

Seeking to Be Happy in Christ: My Interview with Bible Gateway

If we say the gospel won’t bring happiness, any perceptive listener should respond, “Then how is it good news?” We need to reverse the trend. Let’s redeem the word “happiness” in light of both Scripture and church history. Our message shouldn’t be “Don’t seek happiness,” but “You’ll find in Jesus the happiness you’ve always longed for.”