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How Can Parents Encourage Kids to Own Their Faith as They Grow Up?

I’ve written before about the concerning trend of young people who’ve been raised in the church but are leaving it as they grow up. Many of us are acutely aware of the problem, but less certain about what parents can actually do to encourage kids to make their faith their own. 

Scripture and Resources for Husbands and Fathers

Families are God’s precious gift to us, and they require our attention even in days of pressure and busyness. Here are three verses about wives and children, followed by some links to resources.

One Man’s Story of Faithfully Loving His Wife Through Early Onset Dementia

Since Debbie's diagnosis of early onset dementia, her husband Jay, a good friend and an EPM board member, has written eloquently about their experience. Each time he sends an update about Debbie, I’ve deeply appreciated his heartfelt insights, and faithful love for his precious wife.

Fathers, Your Relationship with Your Kids Is Irreplaceable

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Fatherhood is a huge job, and dads need encouragement that their role in the kids’ lives matters. I recently watched this video highlighting the importance of dads, and absolutely love it.

Tim Challies on Why Christian Kids Abandon Their Faith

I’ve shared before my concerns over the number of college students who are abandoning their faith in Christ. This article from Tim Challies, one of my favorite bloggers, explains some of the reasons why that happens, and what Christian parents can do to address those reasons.