Randy Alcorn's Blog: Money and Giving

Ron Blue on Two Lies We Can Believe About Giving

"One of the greatest blessings of the body of Christ is its capacity to meet the needs of its members through generosity, service, and sacrifice. When Satan succeeds in destroying this flow of love and grace in the church through his lies, I am sure he rejoices."

Should We Give Money to the Poor Even When There’s a Risk of Waste or Misuse?

Every good thing can have a bad effect. The solution isn’t to avoid sponsoring children or to never support national ministries, but to exercise great care. We know that Christ commands us to give, to help the poor and needy, and to lay up treasures in Heaven. So the solution is not to give less, but to give carefully and wisely while still giving generously.

Lottery Winner Says Winning “Has Ruined My Life”

One of the great ironies of gambling is that the vast majority of people lose money, while the few who win discover money doesn’t make them happy—and often it actually ruins their lives! One study reported that “six months after winning the lottery, you are likely to be no happier than if you had been paralyzed in a car crash.”

What We Can Do to Help Those Suffering in Syria

Many of you have heard and shared about the fighting and bombing in Syria, and specifically in the city of Aleppo. While the hope is that the worst is over, the aftermath of suffering will go on.

Giving Tuesday: An Invitation to Experience the Happiness of Giving

Unfortunately, we’re so easily absorbed, especially at Christmastime, with “getting what’s ours” (or with finding unneeded gifts for our friends and family who already have so much) that we miss what brings the real happiness and joy—giving God what’s His.

Cinderella with Amnesia

Michael Griffiths wrote God’s Forgetful Pilgrims, in which he maintains that the church has largely forgotten her wondrous identity in Christ and has settled for the world’s substitute identities. I came across the original British edition of the book, which had a more striking title: Cinderella with Amnesia. 

Passing the Joy of Giving on to Your Children

The holy habit of giving is like the holy habits of Bible study and prayer and witnessing and hospitality. These things need to be integrated into our lifestyle.

Is Spending Money on Entertainment and Leisure OK with God?

Scripture says that God provides us with material things “for our enjoyment” (1 Timothy 6:17, NLT). When I speak on the subject of money and giving, I try to always emphasize that phrase from Scripture and express how thankful I am for it, because it allows me to enjoy God’s creation without guilt.