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Not Cool: Obama's Pro-abortion Stance, and Christians Enabling Him

I knew from the first time I heard him speak that Obama was cool. And if the candidate I supported, for reasons of substance, also happened to be cool, that would be a nice plus. Then the sad day came. I checked out Obama's actual position on abortion and I was demoralized. 

Survivor of Late-Term Abortion Comments on Barack Obama

Years ago in Washington, DC, I met a woman named Gianna Jessen, then a teenager. She sang at an event I was speaking at, and we had a delightful conversation. She is musically gifted and I found her a wonderful testimony to God’s grace.

Planned Parenthood's Self-Description, and Unwanted Children

A friend of ours was recently job hunting and came across an advertised opening at Planned Parenthood. Though she wasn't interested in the job there, she was interested in the terminology used in Planned Parenthood's self-description that follows

Planned Parenthood Accepts Funds to Abort Black Children

I've become aware of something that has to be heard to be believed: actual recordings of an actor calling various Planned Parenthood offices, pretending to want to donate money exclusively to abort black babies. Prepared to be blown away by the responses you hear. (After you listen you may want to read on to see how this fits with the history of Planned Parenthood and the beliefs of its founder Margaret Sanger.)