Randy Alcorn's Blog: Prolife

Our Call to Care for Orphans

  True, not every family is called to adopt or to provide foster care. But should the people of God as a whole be challenged to get involved and support other people in the body of Christ who are? I would say they absolutely should support not only those in their own church who wish to adopt or foster, but also those in other churches and other places.

The Guardian Project

Eternal Perspective Ministries is enthusiastically supporting the Guardian Project to help provide the first ever mobile ultrasound unit in Oregon to reach abortion-minded moms. 

Reflections in Front of an Abortion Clinic

There is a popular idea that is tossed around as absolute truth: to be pro-women is to be pro-abortion. A woman’s right to abortion is paramount over a baby’s right to life.  

Making Birth Control Pills Available Over the Counter?

Prolifer Mike Brady has expressed concern over the recent move of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to recommend that birth control pills be available over the counter. 

A Response to Tina Fey’s Rebuke of Prolife Men

Cassi is a dear sister in Christ who heads up the disability ministry at our church. Her response to comedian Tina Fey’s much publicized rebuke of prolife men is well worth reading.