Randy Alcorn's Blog: Salvation

God’s Offer of Forgiveness and Freedom

God’s greatest gift is Himself. We not only need salvation—we need the Savior, and He has a name: Jesus (which means “God saves”).

Finding Forgiveness and Freedom after Abortion

Millions of women and men, both in society and in the church, are suffering under the guilt of abortion. If you’re a woman who’s had an abortion, or advised another to have one, this blog is for you. If you’re a man who’s been involved in an abortion decision—whether it concerned your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or anyone—it’s also for you.

Encouragement to Not Give up on Those in Cults

I hope the following story will encourage you not to give up on people who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons or anyone who is part of a pseudo-Christian or non-Christian cult or group.

A Story of Rescue in Japan

With so many heartbreaking reports of death and loss, this news story telling the rescue of a baby girl is a wonderful glimpse of God’s mercy and saving grace.