Randy Alcorn's Blog: Suffering and Evil

His Strength and Grace in Our Weakness

As a young pastor I loved God sincerely; but like my tavern-owner father, I was independent, self-sufficient, and prone to do things on my own. 

Real Choices without Consequences?

In this conversation from my novel Deception, Jake and Clarence challenge Ollie’s desire for both freedom to choose and freedom from evil’s consequences.

Beauty from Ashes

Never underestimate the potential of a seed buried deep within the ashes.

Crisis and Tragedy

If you spell God with a capital G you will always spell tragedy with a lowercase t

Does God Purposefully Hurt Us Through Trials?

When the hard things come upon us, we tend to use them as a way of saying, “This is so bad, that if God really is in charge and He sent this to me—or even just allowed this to come into my life—He’s being cruel to me.” 

Fulfilled Hope

Hope is a much stronger word in the Bible than it is for most of us today.

Will God Take Care of Our Children?

I think when you look at what’s happening at schools and life in general, and with children being abducted, these are things that every parent is going to ask.