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Communion with God Through Prayer

Contemplate the reality of your Father in Heaven, Christ your Savior, and the Holy Spirit your Comforter and Teacher, and you’ll find rich meaning in the phrase “spending time with God.”

The Uniqueness of Giving to Eternal Perspective Ministries

I’ve been asked over the years, “Why don’t you fund Eternal Perspective Ministries through the book royalties, and not receive donations?” It’s a reasonable question, and there are two main answers.

A Post-Election Prayer from Pastor Kevin DeYoung

The following prayer for our new president-elect and for our nation, from Pastor Kevin DeYoung, is my prayer as well. Please read it and see if you wish to make it yours too.

Suffering Is Not A New Truth

This coming Sunday the 6th day of November, 2016 is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Christians from around the globe will set aside time to honor, remember, and pray for our persecuted family. I am grateful for the privilege of standing shoulder to shoulder with those of whom the world is not worthy. I pray that this day is the beginning of a deeper fellowship with our persecuted family.

Prayer, Dependence, and Our Unhindered Access to God’s Throne

It has always been difficult for me to spend great lengths of time in prayer, and sometimes it’s been a cause of discouragement. On the other hand, God has graciously taught me about prayer and dependence on Him throughout the day.

Prayer + Thanksgiving = Peace

While we may only see our earthly circumstances, God is working to increase our dependence on Him and to make us more like Christ. 

Fourteen Lessons on Prayer from Daniel 9-10

God hears our prayers and starts responding to them (when we pray with Daniel’s attitude and perspective) before we can see results, and even when we can’t see results at all.