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Who Qualifies to Be Called Human?

Folks back then said it all started when I moved away from my parents at eighteen. They said I was young and stupid, and was pushed into crazy beliefs because I had no one to guide me. 

Self-Esteem: Who Are We, Really?

God does not inflict upon us the psychological battering of the cross in order to leave us in a tormented condition. It is at the cross where we are offered through the gospel the very righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Caste the First Stone

Life in the lower castes: Persecution of Christians in India, a pastor notes, has become common.

Truth: Does It Matter Any More?

Telling the truth is no longer normal. In America, a man can lie about his past, violate his marriage vows, make promises he has no intention of keeping, and break those promises without a shred of guilt. Indeed, he can deny he actually made them in the first place, or make you feel like he is breaking them as a matter of principle. And such a man can be more than just some cheap sleazy crook. He can be president of the United States.

A Child's Love Opens Jane Roe's Heart

The first time 7-year-old Emily Bausch met Norma McCorvey, she had no idea she had come face to face with an icon of the pro-abortion movement—”Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade.