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Heaven Doesn't Fit Popular Stereotypes

The popular notion of the “sweet by and by” is often one of clouds, pain-free bliss and not much else—except for the occasional angel floating by with a harp. If one’s idea of eternity is a happy pill, such an image might be appealing.

Heaven: An Interview with The Outlook

Over years of biblical study, my view of resurrection and the eternal Heaven (and to a lesser degree, the intermediate Heaven) gradually changed. 

Dual Citizenship

As Christians we have a dual citizenship. Just as He promises to make men and women new, God also promises to renew the Earth itself. Scripture calls this the New Earth, an Earth where “there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain” and “no longer will there be any curse” (Rev. 21:1, 4, 22:3, NIV).

Joel Stein, Starbucks, and Heaven

Now, the man in the picture is not a Christmas shepherd, but Joel Stein, a prominent columnist for The Los Angeles Times. He’s written features for Time magazine, and has impressive journalistic credentials. He says this of himself on the front page of his website: “I’m the guy who loves porn and hates America.” He’s known for his column where he said he not only opposes the war in Iraq, he opposes U.S. troops. Clearly he’s a man who says what he thinks.