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Joel Stein, Starbucks, and Heaven

Now, the man in the picture is not a Christmas shepherd, but Joel Stein, a prominent columnist for The Los Angeles Times. He’s written features for Time magazine, and has impressive journalistic credentials. He says this of himself on the front page of his website: “I’m the guy who loves porn and hates America.” He’s known for his column where he said he not only opposes the war in Iraq, he opposes U.S. troops. Clearly he’s a man who says what he thinks.

Jerry Hardin: My Best Friend When I Was a Kid

I was just finishing up a different blog when Carol Hardin called and reminded us that today, October 8, is the 15th anniversary of Jerry’s death. Jerry and I were best friends in grade school and high school. I wrote about him in my book In Light of Eternity. I gave him a whole chapter.

Days of Filming and Divine Appointments

Yesterday was one of the most exhausting days of my life. I stood in front of a video camera nearly the whole day, answering questions about Heaven, covering nearly all the major subject areas addressed in my books.

How Can We Know That We'll Go to Heaven?

For every American polled who thinks they are going to Hell, there are 120 who think theyre going to Heaven. Author Randy Alcorn explains that Heaven isnt our default destination and that specific preparation must be made if we are to safely arrive in Heaven. A recent poll indicated that for every American who believes he or she is going to Hell, there are 120 who believe theyre going to Heaven.

How Can We Know That We'll Go to Heaven?

In my book Heaven I explore the beauties, wonders and adventures of resurrected living with the resurrected Jesus on the New Earth. What lies ahead for the follower of Christ is fantastic and thrilling on a cosmic scale. But as I was writing, I thought how ironic and tragic it would be for some readers to get excited about Heaven, then end up assuming they’re going there when in fact they aren’t.

Ruthanna Metzgar's Letter and Triad Conference Picture

You can’t imagine the reaction of people as I read certain passages from Heaven during our Sunday morning meeting at the Triad Handicapped Conference. There were gurgles and squeals and hand clapping and arms flailing.

Heaven: Home of Laughter

Who said, “If you’re not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don’t want to go there”? (Hint: It wasn’t Mark Twain.) It was Martin Luther.