Gay March on Washington

By Washington Watch July 26, 1993

(July/August 1993)

Lesbian marchers filed past the White House, chanting “Chelsea, Chelsea!” Elsewhere, another lesbian group took up the cry: “10 percent is not enough! Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!”

Ordered a Marine guard out-of-sight so he would not be seen standing next to homosexual leaders following the April 16 Oval Office conference. No major outlet showed the bizarre behavior, obscene gestures, full and partial nudity, actual and feigned homosexual sex acts, and sexually explicit speeches and chants that fouled the spring breezes.

Here are some scenes you didn't see on TV:

Hundreds of lesbians marched topless down Pennsylvania Avenue, and some engaged in homosexual acts in front of children. Police told bystanders they had orders not to arrest law violators. Meanwhile, Washington D.C. Police Chief Fred Thomas surveyed the march scene from a motorcycle sidecar.

The Lambda Report’s Pete LaBarbera witnessed three men whipping each other at the Sado-masochistic/Leather Fetish Conference, held in the Mellon Museum. Here, too, he saw pictures of men with their arms inside each other's bodies and sales of electric cattle prods. In this federal building, the legislative director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which claims to be a “mainstream” homosexual organization, gave a speech.

In the Navy Memorial Fountain, topless women embraced and men clad only in bikini briefs kissed and hugged.

At Arlington National Cemetery, activists placed a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and made clearly political statements, a violation of law and tradition.

On the event's main stage, many speakers roared out obscenities via giant amplifiers that carried their message all over the Mall, stunning hapless tourists. Lesbian comedian Lea Delaria openly lusted after Mrs. Clinton, saying that “we finally have a First Lady you can (expletive)!” C-SPAN viewers were shocked by the vulgarity. 

From Washington Watch, Volume 4, Number 7, published by Family Research Council