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By Multiple Readers February 17, 2010

DeadlineEndorsements of Deadline

Whether or not you’re a fan of fiction, Deadline is a Christian novel that will not only engross you, but educate and inspire as well. Randy Alcorn, director of Eternal Perspectives Ministries and author of numerous non-fiction titles including the best-selling ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments, has successfully used the vehicle of fiction to communicate his life message: Christians need to live with eternity in mind.
     Deadline is the story of Jake Woods and the mystery surrounding the tragic death of his two closest friends. When evidence surfaces that their death was no accident, Jake is thrown into a roller-coaster search for the murderer and, even more importantly, meaning in his own life. The genius of Alcorn’s novel is that his protagonist is an antagonist in the eyes of most Christians. Jake Woods is a liberal’s liberal newspaper columnist who dogmatically pushes everything from abortion on demand to “safe sex” and the NEA in his widely read columns. The author, who in his own life has been sorely abused for his prolife stand and convictions in the press, still manages to get inside the head of Jake Woods and convincingly show his mindset and perception of conservative Christians.
     The jolt that wakes Jake out of his cozy, elitest lifestyle is the departure of Doc and Finney, two men whom he grew up with, fought in ‘Nam with, and with whom he spent every Sunday afternoon watching football games. In Doc and Finney, the author has a vehicle to show the outworking of the lives we live and the eternal consequence of everything we are.
     I was most impacted by the portions of the book where heaven is described. When Finney, Jake’s only, and sometimes barely tolerated Christian friend dies, his role in the story doesn’t end. With one of the most joyful and imaginative (and I should add, I believe, accurate) descriptions of heaven you’ll ever read, the author shows the awe and wonderful discovery Finney experiences in heaven. The juxtaposition of eternal paradise and Jake’s struggles in the hellishness of our world gives meaning in the daily struggles we face as Christians, and hope for Christ’s final victory.
     In a letter I wrote to Randy Alcorn thanking him for his novel, I told him I’d never felt more “excited about being alive and more anxious to die.” In a very real sense that should be the wonderful dilemma of the Christian life. Though rich with meaning and purpose, we’re constantly aware that in this life, we’re only passing through. Reading Deadline challenged me to live with, in Randy’s own words, “an eternal perspective.”
-Joshua Harris, author of Dug Down Deep and Why Church Matters

Reviews of Deadline

This fiction is about a person named Jake who lost consciousness in a car accident. The last sensa-tion he felt was that of being crushed between the two men he had known since childhood. And errie silence followed.
     After months of reading fantasy and science fiction, I was finding that my once favorite books were leaving me empty and restless. I decided to join an "Inspired Readers" group, and the upcoming discussion will be onRandy Alcorn's book, Deception. Since reviewers at Amazon.com gave it and the novels preceding it such high marks, I picked up Deadline first - and at last the emptiness is gone! This is the best and most fulfilling read I can remember. My blood practically hummed (really!) - this book is a page-turner and a delight. In fact, the book kept me riveted well beyond midnight for the past two nights; I only put it down when the print blurred!
     I loved this book, and I am looking forward to Dominion. So much in Deadline touched me, but Jake's journey to salvation was by far the most thrilling. Favorite things: Finney - lovely man, his guardian, Heaven and Eternity, Jake's wrestling match with God (funny how the Jewish man in the beginning called Jake, Jacob), Jake's introduction to Christian music (I can relate to that part very well!), his growing understanding and their kindling of love for his family. Several times, I sat there with tears brimming over and had to stop and wipe my eyes so I could continue reading. Thank you, Mr. Alcorn, for sharing your love of God and His people through this fictional yet entirely satisfactory work.

-PeterG, as posted on www.scribd.com