Canadian Physician Stops Prescribing Hormonal Contraception

By Anonymous March 5, 2010

Family physician stops prescribing all forms of hormonal contraception.

I am a family physician in Canada and a follower of Jesus Christ. I was recently given a copy of Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? I was trained in the 1980s and believed that the pill worked by preventing ovulation. After a month of study and prayer I have decided to stop prescribing all forms of hormonal contraception.

I met with my non-Christian associate today and she was reasonably receptive to my decision. I need to discuss the decision with my staff and then begin implementing this in my practice. I have scheduled a meeting with my pastor to discuss this with him as well.

I wish to thank Randy Alcorn for his thorough research and dedication in this area which has been instrumental in bringing me to this very important decision in my life. May our Lord continue to bless your ministry.


H. C., MD