Readers' Responses to The Promise of Heaven

The Promise of Heaven

It is amazing how ignorant I was about the new heaven and earth. For some reason, preachers rarely preach about it. I read parts of this book to my thirteen year old daughter. I wanted her to know just what a wonderful place the Lord is preparing for us when this earth is gone. It isn't a boring cloud, and we won't be floating around playing harps for all eternity. Thank God! No one would want to go. God made us for much more. This book will show you Biblical verses that give glimpses of just what that 'more' may be. — R. S.

The Promise of Heaven is an absolutely beautiful book: interesting, informative and delightful. Randy shares the Gospel clearly and encourages us to worship our Lord for the Earth we have, and our future "Heaven on Earth" to come. — R. H.

It’s been a year today since mom went Home and my dad (who lives with us now) has been having a hard week, missing Mom, his bride of 55+ years. This morning, he got up and I could tell he was doing better than he was last night when we said goodnight. He said that was because he read The Promise of Heaven again last night before going to sleep. — T.A.

My husband and I have certain books we give and recommend to other parents who have lost a child. Heaven is at the top of the list, but I think this new book (The Promise of Heaven) will be the first one to give. We can follow up later with Heaven. — S. N.

Thank you Randy for your continual encouragement to be people of God today, with the hope of eternity as our strength. And thank you for bringing John MacMurray's beautiful art before our eyes to whet our appetite for the splendor which awaits us! — K. S.

The Promise of Heaven by Randy Alcorn is currently out of print.

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