Endorsements and Book Reviews of The Promise of Heaven

Endorsements of The Promise of Heaven

In Randy Alcorn’s book, The Promise of Heaven, he powerfully ushers the hope of our future to the forefront of our hearts and minds. Connected with that one-certain hope, the fear of tomorrow—including health and finances—pale, and loosen their grip on our lives today. There is continual encouragement to be people of God today, with the hope of eternity as our strength. Bringing John MacMurray’s beautiful art before our eyes whets our appetite for the splendor which awaits us. — Kimberly Smith, President, MakeWay Partners

I have just finished Promise of Heaven by Randy Alcorn and John MacMurray. What a gift their encouragement is to me and my family as we seek to live life on this Earth with an eternal perspective—a not-so-easy task considering the way we are bombarded by the wiles of the enemy and the allure of the world. Their book stimulated my thoughts toward remembering “to live is Christ to die is gain.” It also reminded me I never want to trade away that which is eternal for the fleeting temporal. A huge thank you to both of these men for their using their gifts to encourage us, the Body. God has repeatedly used Randy’s works to mature me and my wife and we count our friendship with him a huge privilege. — Todd Peterson, NFL Placekicker, Retired (1993-2005)

The Promise of Heaven

Book Reviews of The Promise of Heaven

Randy Alcorn’s expertise on Heaven, evidenced by awe-inspiring book sales, and 25 years of research, offers solid biblical teachings in each book. Questions such as what happens when we die? Grow old? Whether we eat and drink? Have personal homes? Experience time? Have physical bodies? Recognize loved ones? Float on clouds, play harps, be bored, or have assigned tasks?  Alcorn answered these questions and more you never thought of in his runaway bestseller, Heaven, published by Tyndale House Publishers in 2004.
     In this gift book, Alcorn joins with Bible teacher and professional nature photographer, John MacMurray to provide “tantalizing glimpses” of what Heaven might be like. MacMurray’s exquisite, awe-inspiring color photographs supplement specific Scriptures and Alcorn’s offerings from previous books to spark reader’s imaginations. Even though God says in 1 Cor. 2:9, “...eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”
     From the dedication page, to the “notes” and “photo attribution” page, readers learn what God says their future home will be like. Pictures, words, and Scripture combine to paint a biblical portrait of a heavenly realm, filled with activity, beauty, peace, and joy. Where we can visit with Christ, friends, and loved ones at our leisure. A home we can only dream of on earth, devoid of sadness, pain, fear, sickness, and death.
     The “photo attribution” page in the back lists photograph page numbers and where pictures were taken. For instance, “Ponytail Falls,” taken in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic area, pictures a foaming, waterfall spilling onto intense green, moss colored river rocks, before cascading into a boulder strewn stream below. On the opposing page, Alcorn reminds readers that the most ordinary moment in Heaven will be better than our best moments here, and we need to “live now with Heaven in mind.”
     Similar pictures portray serene wilderness lake waters that mirror majestic mountain ranges, flower filled meadows under cobalt-blue skies, and the snow-clad Swiss Alps to name a few of MacMurray’s glorious nature photographs .
     Northwest’s favorite author, Randy Alcorn portrays the heavenly realm as few imagine it. I believe, The Promise of Heaven is destined to become a treasured keepsake. Gail Welborn, Seattle Christian Book Review Examiner
This review originally appeared on Seattle Christian Book Review, February 6, 2010

The Promise of Heaven: Reflections on Our Eternal Home by Randy Alcorn is an absolutely beautiful book. It is filled with full color, photographs of nature scenes from the West taken by professional nature photographer, John MacMurray.

As one pages through the book, they are struck by the beauty of God’s earth, and then Randy Alcorn fills their minds with thoughts of the New Earth to come. Answering a host of questions about heaven, the book is interesting, informative and delightful. Randy shares the Gospel clearly and encourages us to worship our Lord for the Earth we have, and our future “Heaven on Earth” to come.

The production of this book is top notch. While it isn’t quite a full coffee-table sized book, it deserves a spot on anyone’s coffee table. It would make a great gift for loved ones this Christmas. If someone you know likes Mountains and nature photography, they would absolutely love this fine book. I highly recommend this. Bob Hayton, as posted on www.fundamentallyreformed.com

I received a copy of the beautifully illustrated and magnificently written book, The Promise of Heaven and I could not wait to actually sit down and read it. Any book about Heaven interests me as it should you because as lovers of God and Disciples of Christ that is where we are going to be spending the most of our time…with time being as we know it…for our home in Heaven is eternal so once we pass from this time-locked sin-cursed world, time as we know it here on earth will cease to be of importance. We will be too busy enjoying our fellowship with the Father and his son, our glorious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and doing all the exciting things people do when they go to Heaven.
     In his book author Randy Alcorn breaks it down into 6 short and 'easy to read and enjoy' sections – all with appropriate Scripture verses to read and reflect on – (and pause and reflect on them we should). My living with 2 brain tumors causes me to have such a longing for Heaven where at last I will put aside my tired old age worn robe of flesh and put on my new resurrection body. YES! Halleluiah! It is more than I can comprehend to be sure; but, I believe that one day soon it will happen and I cannot wait.
     In the final section he asks and answers what is the most important question of all because before you get to experience any part of the glories of Heaven you have to be heading there and so we asks, “How Can We Know We’re Going To Heaven?” Many Scripture passages answer that question. The one he chose is found in I John 5:13, “I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know you have eternal life.” So, yes we can KNOW for a surety that we are going to Heaven. There is no maybe so or hope so for the true lover of God and Disciple of Christ. We KNOW we are going to Heaven and those of us who love the Lord cannot wait for that day. It cannot come soon enough. 
     In this eternally important section of the book author Alcorn does ask and does rightly answer the question, “How Can We Know We’re Going To Heaven?” In this section there is a page titled, “Living now with Heaven in mind,” and I could not agree with Randy more about the point.
     Salvation is about knowing personally, loving absolutely and serving wholeheartedly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ NOW! The abundant life is now and is meant for us to be lived now…at least that is what Jesus said and I believe him. Heaven is really like “the icing on the cake,” for professing Christians, though no analogy comparing Heaven to earth does it justice. It is just that this is such an IMPORTANT point…that we get saved to experience and live both an abundant life with an incredibly awesome living and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the son of God and very God himself for this present time…for NOW! And then when it’s all over and said and done and we have recited the last lines of the drama of our life, we get to go to Heaven to be with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and all the redeemed from the beginning of time as well as the angels of God. My beloved it just does not get any better!
     So if you are interested in learning about Heaven or are curious about it I highly and wholeheartedly recommend The Promise of Heaven by Randy Alcorn. I sure do hope to see you there one day. Harold Cameron, as posted on wordpress.com

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