What Is Your Opinion of Church Leadership Preventing the Congregation from Being Exposed to the Truth of Abortion Through the Use of Pictures?

Question from a reader:

What is your opinion of church leadership preventing the congregation from being exposed to the truth of abortion through the use of pictures?

Answer from Randy Alcorn:

I believe a church’s leadership tendency is to play it safe, and thereby they fail to speak prophetically into people’s lives. As a result we “protect the peace” by sometimes not speaking the truth. Not that we speak untruths, just that we fail to speak the whole truth. I know I was guilty of this in certain situations when I was an elder, too, so I’m not just pointing my fingers at others.

I do wonder how many children’s lives have been lost, how many women’s lives have been horribly scarred because church leaders feared the criticisms that would come from people if they allowed terrible pictures to be seen in the assembly. It is fascinating that we would allow one group’s preferences to not see photos (which can easily be accommodated by giving fair warning so  they can close their eyes) to prevent other people from even having the opportunity to keep their eyes open and be touched deeply by what they see. The way to respect both is to show the photos and allow those who don’t want to see them to not look. Why is that so difficult or radical? I admit, I don’t get it.

Same thing with not showing pictures of starving children. It is unpleasant, it would make us feel guilty about our lifestyles, and we want people to feel safe and comfortable in our church services.  But does God call us to make people feel safe and comfortable, or sometimes to feel profoundly uncomfortable so that we might be moved to obey God? The truth that makes us uncomfortable is ultimately the truth that sets us free. And Satan, the liar from the beginning, wins his biggest victories when God’s people don’t come to terms with the truth—including that he is not only a liar but a murderer. John 8 says it all. 

Randy Alcorn, founder of EPM

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over fifty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries

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