Endorsements and Book Reviews of Grace: A Bigger View of God’s Love

By Multiple Readers July 13, 2016

Endorsements of Grace by Randy Alcorn

Grace cover

I love Randy’s book on grace. It's unique--in pulling together biblical references, significant quotes from other Christian leaders--and then adding his own comments. My wife and I have already begun to use it in our morning prayer time.

–Gene Getz, Bible scholar, professor, pastor, and author

Book Reviews of Grace by Randy Alcorn

I will put it simply: this is the best devotional that I've found so far. What a great subject (grace), and what a great book!

Each aspect of each daily devotion works very well: first, a Bible quote, which allows the reader to get a glimpse at the Word of God. Then, the author quickly develops a "food for thought" of a few but well written lines. Each devotion was very inspiring and they helped me have precious moments meditating in the Word of God.

This book is perfect for short devotionals in the morning, before the day starts. Each devotional reads fast (in a minute or so) and it will push you into meditating in that aspect of grace for a while.

–Cris Ferreiraposted on Goodreads.com

"We must see clearly about we can do and what our gracious and merciful Jesus already has done. If we get it right about Jesus, we can afford to get it wrong about secondary things. If we get it wrong about Jesus, it doesn't much matter what we get right." ~Randy Alcorn 

Grace is one of those things we need to get right. For 203 days, you have a short reading with scripture, commentary and a quote that stays with you all day. To be honest, we will never know all about the grace of God and the implications but as we open our hearts to our need of Grace, we can know the heart of God. Grace has many implications for our life and how we live, how we love, and how we worship. Each day touches on all that and more. I highly recommend this treasure of grace to be read for years to come. A book that is sweet blessing.

–Jeanieposted on Goodreads.com

This is a book that can change you because it is a feast of paragraphs and sentences about God’s grace.

This is a contemplative book. There are 202 days of readings each a page long or less. It includes a verse; a quote or two from the likes of Spurgeon, Calvin, Luther, John Piper, Tim Keller, Charles Dickens, etc.; and a few sentences that connect the two about grace. Each day is worth reading slowly and thoughtfully. I have highlighted so many things that I want to paint or print and put up on my wall. Each reading could be read in a minute or two and thought about for hours or days…and be infused with grace before going out again to face whatever is going on around you. I felt I was getting showered in grace over and over again and I know it is a book that I am going to keep coming back to because it is so rich and keeps pointing me to God, the true source of all grace.

–Doreenposted on Goodreads.com

Grace: A Bigger View of God's Love by Randy Alcorn is a very highly recommended daily devotional which focuses on God's grace.

The short (1 page or less) devotions have a natural built in versatility. The brief meditations in this daily guide can be the impetus for further reflection and memory work, or a quick daily reminder of how we need to accept God's continued grace and how much grace we have already received from Christ. They may be short, but there certainly is much that can cause further reflection and study.

We all need grace. I still reflect on a message I heard years ago: "It's been said that learning to respond gracefully to ungraciousness is like learning to play the piano....if you didn't encounter people who treat you ungraciously, you'd never have the opportunity to learn to practice grace of your own." Alcorn's devotional can help us all reach that point where we can practice grace of our own because of the grace God has extended to us.

–Lori, shetreadssoftly.blogspot.com