Isn’t Sharing Publicly about the Moral Failings of Evangelical Pastors in General Unbiblical?

Question from a reader: I read your blog post, “The Sacred Trust of Pastors and Christian Leaders: Accountability and Consequences for Sexual Abuse.” It seems like throwing evangelical pastors under the bus publicly is just what the world would love to see. In the article, you cited 1 Timothy 5:10 and mentioned that if a pastor sinned that it should be disclosed to the church body. That tells me that if a certain pastor sinned, then that would be shared with that particular church, and if it went to the press, so be it. But what Randy Alcorn is doing is generalizing about the sins of pastors to the entire world. Where in the Bible do we can find a command to do that?

What Is Your Opinion of the Abortion Abolition Movement?

We appreciate this group’s passion to see abortion ended. Any sincere prolifer would be ecstatic if abortion ended. Unfortunately, Abolish Human Abortion’s methods and philosophy are problematic. 

What Are Some Good Resources About Fasting?

Fasting is not just an ancient practice or something you have to do before a blood test. It is also a spiritual discipline... Here are some helpful resources about fasting as a spiritual discipline:

Le meilleur de notre vie est encore à venir (Our Best Life Is Yet to Come: The New Earth, Our Eternal Home)

Imaginez: vous faites partie d'une équipe de la NASA se préparant à une mission de cinq ans sur Mars. Après une période de formation intensive, la date de lancement de la fusée tombe enfin. Tandis que la fusée décolle, l’un de vos collègues astronautes vous demande: «Que sais-tu de Mars?» Haussant les épaules, vous répondez: «Rien. Nous n'en avons jamais parlé. Je suppose que nous le découvrirons sur place.» Cette situation est impensable, n'est-ce pas?