Quote on Writing

Since God did not give me the gifts of a monk, he made me a monk’s failed cousin, a writer.

More Than Sufficient

Little faith will bring your souls to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your souls.

Volunteer Reports From Sri Lanka

Of the many stories and tears that I was privileged to be a part of, I have chosen two to share. These two stories show the polarizing realities that the people of Sri Lanka have lived with: trauma and hope!

Movie review of End of the Spear

What can account for the reality of grace and forgiveness and transformation, and the closeness of these relationships but the power of God and the gospel of Christ?

What Do the Pictures Tell Us?

The biggest disadvantage to the preborn child has always been that there’s no window to the womb. His fate is in the hands of those who cannot see him. But in recent years this has radically changed.

Death Swallowed up in Victory

(The following letter was written to a friend's parents who had lost their son in a tragic accident. Names and identifying information have been changed to protect privacy.)