True Happiness!

Happiness is the attainment that the world is eagerly in search of. But the believer in Christ is its only possessor.

An Apology and Clarification About Mel Gibson

Warning: Don't ever take an email you wrote to a small group of friends and turn it into a printed article, unless you first edit it very carefully, or ask someone else to.

What Does Your Clothing Communicate?

I find, today, that there are a lot of women who really do have a heart for the Lord. Yet their clothing is communicating something far different than what’s in their hearts.

Heaven: Dreading It or Anticipating It?

In Hamlet, Shakespeare called what lies beyond death “the undiscovered country.” People have given much thought to this country—and adopted remarkably different attitudes toward it.

Money and the Church

Randy Alcorn speaks on the topic Money and the Church at the Desiring God 2004 Conference for Pastors.

Money and the Pastor

Randy Alcorn speaks on the topic Money and the Pastor at the Desiring God 2004 Conference for Pastors.