Money and the Disciple

Randy Alcorn speaks on the topic Money and the Disciple at the Desiring God 2004 Conference for Pastors.

What Do You Think of The Da Vinci Code?

The Da Vinci Code is well-written, interesting... and full of lies that are passed off as if historically researched and true. It is a masterpiece of deceit, far more effective as heresy than if it had been poorly written.

Professor's Educational Tool Saves a Life

For almost three decades Calvin College professor Pete Tigchelaar has had a three-month-old fetus, encased in plastic, that he uses in his human biology classes.

Counseling With Suffering People

I begin with five assumptions. Without them, what I have to say about counseling and suffering will not stand.

Partial-Birth Abortions — What's the Big Deal?

Partial-birth or D&X abortion is a particularly horrific form of late-term abortion, in which the child is delivered live until only the head remains in the birth canal.