Where Are Missions Headed?

If missions are not careful, they may become like the old empty cathedrals in Europe. Sidetracked, our main activities could become: caring for missionaries, building retirement homes, increasing allotments, upgrading insurance, and obtaining nicer offices instead of taking the Gospel to the masses.

Green Bay Packer Chapel: Deuteronomy 17

Fame puts us in the power position, a position of influence where people will listen to us and follow us. But fame also sets us up for failure. God gives 3 specific warnings of what the King, the most famous and powerful person in the nation, should not do.

Three Million Orphans in East Africa!

USAID estimates there will be nearly three million orphans (2,886,000) in Malawi and Zambia by the end of 1999.

To the Jew First and Also to the Greek

The good news that Christ died for our sins, and that he rose from the dead to open eternal life, and that salvation is by grace through faith—all that is for everyone who believes.

Truth and Grace in an Age of Lies

Read Acts 2 and Acts 4 and you see a radical difference in the church, a profound transformation in the way people treated each other. Christians were different in the way they behaved, in the way they lived. They were characterized by visible acts of love and generosity and joyous sacrifice for the good of others.

Uganda, A Bet, and a Prayer

Uganda is back in the news these days because of elections and problems within the nation. While praying for Uganda, I was reminded of a story I read several years ago.

Sexual Purity: What You Need to Know

When it comes to sexual purity, we don’t have to wonder what God’s will is. Scripture tells us straight out. His expectations of his children are much higher than for those who don’t know him.

Whose Constitution Is It?

The Supreme Court building, with its white marble pillars, towers above the street across from the U. S. Capitol (as though these two branches of government were staring each other down, the better to maintain an even balance of power).