Helping the Poor and Homeless

A stubble-faced, leather-skinned vagrant approaches me and asks, “Can you spare some change?” It’s nothing new, but the last few years the faces have been getting younger, the requests more frequent and my responses less certain.

Westley Allen Dodd’s Eternity

I couldn’t sleep the night of January 4, 1993, so I turned on the coverage of the execution of Westley Allen Dodd. He was the man who tortured, raped and murdered three young boys in Vancouver, Washington, about twenty minutes from where I live.

Death: Signing and Framing Your Life's Portrait

The prospect of death has a way of getting our attention, of cutting to our very heart. Yet we also have a way of turning our eyes away from Death’s burning light to gaze again at the shadows of this world, stepping back away from death and ignoring the message it sends.

An Interview On NBC's Today Show

At the beginning of the piece, Today Show host Scott Simon framed the issue this way: "Measure 9 would prohibit the state from facilitating or encouraging freedom of sexual preference."

ACLU's Agenda for Churches

The ACLU likes to come across as representing the interests of public citizens whose rights are supposedly violated when government or schools allow prayer, Bible reading or other free exercise of religion on their premises.

Training Our Children

The fact is that our children will not stand up and resist this tide unless they become men and women of character, courage and spiritual vitality. We are to pass on to them the baton that was handed us by a previous generation of Christians.